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Simplified Religious Studies Exemption


There has been a significant argument over the recent announcement from the Alternate Minister of Education Sia Anagnostopoulou that the exemption from religious studies is to be simplified.

A Mosque in Athens

mosque in athens

It was first announced 70 years ago but finally, Athens is to get a mosque. It is the only European capital without one. All of us who support the plan are expecting a huge backlash against it (including from the church) from people who feel threatened by the building, in country where around 96% identify as Greek Orthodox. The […]

Church Leader Proposes Civil Oath

tsipras civil oath

With the new Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras taking the civil oath of office instead of the religious one, changes are coming in Greece. He is openly atheist, has a civil union with his partner of 20 years and has not baptised his two children. I don’t believe this is an issue for the vast majority of Greeks but […]

Athens: Last European Capital Without a Mo...

underground mosque athens

                        On Eid al-Adha about 250 Muslims attended morning service in an underground mosque in Athens. A windowless basement with exposed ventilation shafts along the low ceiling, the al Salam Mosque is “underground” both literally and figuratively. While aesthetic carpets cover the floors, chips […]

A Mosque in Athens?


Is it possible that a mosque will finally be built in the only European capital without one?   The Council of State gave the green light to the construction of a mosque in Athens, Greece. The general assembly of the state council has rejected an appeal to prevent the construction of a mosque in the region of Votanikos as well as […]

Thessaloniki’s Jewish Heritage

jewish heritage

A fascinating article about the rich Jewish history and heritage in Thessaloniki from the Peter Sommer Travels. One of the fundamental features of Thessaloniki – Greece’s second city, sometimes known as Salonica – since its very foundation in 315 BC was its multicultural character. The city, a key highlight on our Exploring Greece: The Archaeology, […]

A Mosque in Athens ?

A Mosque in Athens ?

  Yes, it’s almost 2013 and Athens still doesn’t have a mosque. I am highly sceptical that it will get one any tome soon. The BBC is more optimistic but the journalist reporting here probably hasn’t followed the ups and downs of the mosque debate for the last 7 or 8 years… 2011 2010 2009 […]

Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), Their MPs and t...

Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), Their MPs and the Police

Via Comment is Free at The Guardian The timing is nothing if not ironic. On the day the EU has been awarded the Nobel peace prize, we watch as Europe sits idly by and lets fascism brew once again – this time in Greece. If a sharp turn towards religious fundamentalism and fascism is to […]

Objections to Athens Mosque

Objections to Athens Mosque

Via the Athens News THE PASOK government’s decision last year to convert an unused naval building in Eleonas, near downtown Athens, into a mosque is being fought at the Council of State. Metropolitan of Piraeus Serafim and a group of 10 other citizens are challenging the decision for the education ministry to cover the cost […]

Yet Another Mosque Setback

Yet Another Mosque Setback

Via Today’s Zaman   According to the Greek press, Greek Orthodox Bishop Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus appealed to the Council of State to withdraw a Greek bill that would allow the building of a mosque in the capital city, Athens. Known for his far-right views, Seraphim described the bill as an anti-Christian move and a […]

A Mosque in Athens 2

A Mosque in Athens 2

THE NORWAY massacres unleashed a Europe-wide torrent of reports in the media about immigration and Islam. Back here in Greece, the government hurled itself into yet another debate over whether Athens’ Muslim immigrants should have their own official mosque. While non-Orthodox churches and synagogues have been established in Athens, the city is the only capital […]

A Mosque in Athens

A Mosque in Athens

A site for the future construction of a Muslim mosque was identified in the Eleonas district of inner city Athens, based on an amendment tabled in Parliament as a rider sponsored by the environment, energy and climate change ministry and co-signed by other responsible ministries, it was announced on Friday. UPDATE: I have just been […]