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Resignation Over Offensive Tweets


Dimitris Kammenos, a politician for the Independent Greeks, has resigned his new position as a deputy minister after just 12 hours. His appointment had been met with utter dismay on Twitter where he was fairly well-known for his outrageous tweets.

Anger Over Racist Blood Drive


For some unknown strange reason, a hospital in Katerini had bestowed a commendation on Golden Dawn’s so called “Green Division” for its efforts in a blood drive. The “party” is well-known for advocating giving blood only for Greeks.

Golden Dawn Trial Resumes

golden dawn trial

The Golden Dawn trial is scheduled to continue on Thursday at the purpose-built court house in the Korydallos prison facility, amid demonstrations and protests by anti-fascist groups.

Refugees Marked With Numbers

marked with numbers

This may be common practice but it must stop! It’s degrading and dehumanising. Refugees are people. Always. No matter what the circumstances are or how they arrived. Human beings have names. Use them.   “Why did they put a number on me? Why did they call me by a number? We are humans. We have […]

Bracing for the Golden Dawn Trial

golden dawn speeches

It is going to be one of the biggest trials in Greek history. Beginning on the 20th April (ironically, Hitler’s birthday), 70 members of Golden Dawn will go on trial for running a criminal organisation, murder and assault charges, illegal weapons charges and money laundering as well as numerous other crimes. The trial will be held […]

Golden Dawn Trial Begins April

golden dawn speeches

  16 Golden Dawn “MPs” and dozens of “party” members will go on trial on April 20th (ironically, Hitler’s birthday). I will be following the trial very closely and reporting as much as I can here. In the meantime, here’s John Oliver on what is obvious to most people but seemingly not to the 6% still […]

Anti-Racism Rallies in Greece

New Citizenship Bill

  Hundreds of people have gathered at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens on Saturday afternoon, where several events were being held to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Several marches are being held, including one at Omonia Square by the anti-fascist KEERFA group, and another to the prime minister’s office calling for […]

Golden Dawn Trial in April

The Trial of Golden Dawn: 

As it has been repeatedly said, prosecuting Golden Dawn is about prosecuting criminal activity. Any interest in the national-socialist (Nazi) ideology arising from the investigation only concerns the perpetrators’ motives and does not involve any kind of prosecution of individual beliefs.... Click on image to read more

The trial of the Golden Dawn gang is due to begin in April. Unfortunately, the limit of pre-trial custody will be over before it starts so we will no doubt see and hear plenty of tantrums and ranting from the “party”.  I sincerely hope that there isn’t a huge upset before the trial even begins and that the evidence (and […]

Independent Greeks Against Citizenship Bil...

New Citizenship Bill

Many people are unhappy with Syriza having formed a coalition government with the right-wing, nationalist party Independent Greeks (ANEL). They are staunchly anti-immigration and have been criticised for their racist and xenophobic comments and attitudes. I understand the difficult position Syriza were in and that they needed to get together with a minority party to form […]

There Are More Greeks Like Me

more like me

    A new video campaign has been launched by an organisation calling for the state to grant Greek citizenship to an estimated 200,000 children and young adults born and raised in Greece who are denied the status because their parents are immigrants. Entitled Equal Citizens, the one-minute advertisement features a number of young people […]

Golden Dawn Offences from 1996

The True Colours of Golden Dawn:

Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is the far-right Neo-Nazi “party” that currently holds 18 seats in parliament. Many people stated that they voted for them to punish the mainstream parties such as Pasok and New Democracy, not aware of their hate filled, racist agenda .... Click on image to read more

As we know, Golden Dawn have been on the rampage since long before they gained significant support in the last election. Their known offences,which add up to dozens of lawsuits, date back at least to 1996. A document submitted to an Athens court on Tuesday lists dozens of lawsuits and convictions involving members and supporters […]

Arson Attack on Pakistani Grocery Store

shop arson

There is next to nothing in the press about the arson attack on a Pakistani grocery store in Crete on Wednesday night. From what I can gather from bits and pieces, a Molotov was thrown into the building and the store was gutted by flames. People in the neighborhood heard explosions and one of them […]