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Policeman in Golden Dawn Trial Asks for Pr...

Pavlos Seirlis

A police officer has appealed for protection for himself and his family during the Golden Dawn trial, saying he has received threats by telephone.

Police Ordered Not To Intervene


Policemen at the scene when anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death were ordered not to intervene.

Magda Fysass Testifies


The mother of murdered rapper Pavlos Fyssas on Tuesday told a court hearing the criminal trial of the neo-Nazi party’s leadership that the order for the hit had come from Piraeus MP Yiannis Lagos as a video emerged showing a senior GD official naming Lagos in reference to a possible attack.

Golden Dawn Trial Resumes

golden dawn trial

The Golden Dawn trial is scheduled to continue on Thursday at the purpose-built court house in the Korydallos prison facility, amid demonstrations and protests by anti-fascist groups.

Golden Dawn Member Confesses

The Truth about Golden Dawn:

When are people going to wake up and take note of what people who Know have said and are saying about Golden Dawn? I have been following their progress for 8 years now... Click on image to read more

The alleged leader of the Piraeus branch of Golden Dawn, Nikos Apostolou has confessed to appointing Roupakias, the killer of Pavlos Fysass, to the “party’s” assault squads. This goes against earlier claims by the “party” that they knew nothing of the murder In a phone call to another member of the neo-Nazi gang, he said […]

Serious Allegations Against Police

fysass memorial

The mayor of Keratsini Christos Vrettakos has made serious allegations against the police who broke up a peaceful demonstration to mark the anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fysass. Via To Vima 30 undercover police officers dressed in black” acted as provocateurs and when protesters tried to stop them, riot police assaulted people without cause. Mr. Vrettakos stressed […]

Pavlos Fysass: Murdered by Golden Dawn


Today is the 1st year anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fysass, the anti-fascist activist and rapper murdered by Golden Dawn member, George Roupakias. His death marked the end of turning a blind eye to the violence and hatred of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn “party”. Their attacks against foreigners on an almost daily basis for the […]

Golden Dawn Finances Investigated

The Trial of Golden Dawn: 

As it has been repeatedly said, prosecuting Golden Dawn is about prosecuting criminal activity. Any interest in the national-socialist (Nazi) ideology arising from the investigation only concerns the perpetrators’ motives and does not involve any kind of prosecution of individual beliefs.... Click on image to read more

  What’s in the bag, Michaloliakos ? The financial crimes squad are hoping to investigate the money trail of the Golden Dawn “party” in the hope of exposing possible money laundering and and other activities. The net is closing on Golden Dawn. There is still a long, long way to go but members and ex-members […]