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Policeman in Golden Dawn Trial Asks for Pr...

Pavlos Seirlis

A police officer has appealed for protection for himself and his family during the Golden Dawn trial, saying he has received threats by telephone.

Are the Golden Dawn Nazis?

Kasidiaris and his swastika

A few years ago, when Golden Dawn were a tiny bunch of thugs who stood huddled together under a few trees near the main square in Athens, people used to laugh and joke about their little Nazi cult. Their “publications” were full of articles about the glories of Hitler, admiration for Nazism, swastikas, SS symbols […]

Nazi Salute at City Hall

Nazi Salute at City Hall

Via the Athens News Mayor Yiorgos Kaminis on Tuesday condemned the gesture, which was made at a meeting at Athens City Hall and shown on Greek television and posted on the internet. ┬áNikolaos Michaloliakos, leader of the far-right group Chrysi Avgi, which has been linked to violent attacks against immigrants in Athens, was seen giving […]