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UNHCR Praises Greek Refugee Efforts

syrian refugees kos

For once, Greece has been praised for its humanitarian response to the refugee crisis.

New Migration Service

Disgusting Detention of Children

A new migration service is to be set up (finally) which will mean that Greece will be able to receive the almost 500 million euros already designated from European funds to deal with immigration.

Greece: Migrants Helping Migrants

Anti-Racism Law

People who have come here from other places understand better than most what it is like and are offering a helping hand to other more recent arrivals. This is a story you don’t read every day

A Mosque in Athens

mosque in athens

It was first announced 70 years ago but finally, Athens is to get a mosque. It is the only European capital without one. All of us who support the plan are expecting a huge backlash against it (including from the church) from people who feel threatened by the building, in country where around 96% identify as Greek Orthodox. The […]

New Citizenship Bill Proposed

New Citizenship Bill

A new bill foreseeing the granting of Greek citizenship to tens of thousands of second-generation immigrants was put up for public consultation on Thursday. The bill, which is to remain open for consultation until May 25 before being finalized for submission to Parliament, stipulates that the applicant must have been enrolled at a Greek primary […]

Anti-Racism Rallies in Greece

New Citizenship Bill

  Hundreds of people have gathered at Syntagma Square in downtown Athens on Saturday afternoon, where several events were being held to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Several marches are being held, including one at Omonia Square by the anti-fascist KEERFA group, and another to the prime minister’s office calling for […]

Syrian Refugees on Hunger Strike in Syntag...


  [Photograph by Marios Lolos used with permission]   I went to Syntagma today to find out what the situation is with the Syrian refugees who have been camping outside Parliament for 6 days. There are currently about 300 men, women and children there. I asked one of the young men there who was talking […]

New Draft Bill on Citizenship

New Citizenship Bill

[The caption on the balloon reads “Citizenship for all children”] A new draft bill prepared by the Interior Ministry gives all second-generation immigrants living legally in Greece the right to apply for citizenship, whether they were born in the country or have completed certain levels within the Greek education system, Kathimerini has learned. Once approved, […]

There Are More Greeks Like Me

more like me

    A new video campaign has been launched by an organisation calling for the state to grant Greek citizenship to an estimated 200,000 children and young adults born and raised in Greece who are denied the status because their parents are immigrants. Entitled Equal Citizens, the one-minute advertisement features a number of young people […]

Torture Trial Postponed Again


  On 4 November 2012, Walid Taleb, then 29, was found beaten black and blue on a village street on the island. He had a ring and chain around his neck. He accused his employer, his son and two accomplices of chaining him up and torturing him for 18 hours in a stable. The four […]

Provocative Indifference to Refugees

Greece Migrants

The mayor of Lesvos, Spyridon Galinos, has written an open letter to ministers about the appalling treatment of migrants and refugees on the island. He has asked that basic amenities like electricity and beds actually be supplied to the “modern” reception centre! He called the failure to do this is provocative indifference In the meantime, people are […]

Humane Roma Homes

roma_megara 2

This morning I wrote about the demolition of the Roma community in Halandri. This has now been postponed for 6 months while a more suitable location is found. It begs the question of why they don’t let them stay where they are and provide grants to do up the community as they do elsewhere in Athens. […]