The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

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Resignation Over Offensive Tweets


Dimitris Kammenos, a politician for the Independent Greeks, has resigned his new position as a deputy minister after just 12 hours. His appointment had been met with utter dismay on Twitter where he was fairly well-known for his outrageous tweets.

Yet Another Homophobic Bishop


Homosexuality is a “perversion of the human existence” and Thessaloniki’s annual gay pride festival is a “disgrace and a challenge”, one of the country’s leading Orthodox bishops has said. Asked to comment on the Thessaloniki Pride event, which takes place on Friday and Saturday, Bishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki said “Do not give dogs what is holy”, […]

Invisible Same-Sex Couples


It’s Sunday afternoon, and six mothers are sitting in a bright living room, drinking milky coffee and talking about discrimination. “We are invisible in Greece,” says Stella Bellia, who is raising twin boys with her Italian partner, Grazia-Haris Scocozza. “So we have to help each other.” Bellia is the president of Rainbow Families, a coalition […]

Homophobic Attack

Homophobic Attack

The Swedish actor and former MP, Tasso Stafilidis was attacked on Saturday in Athens by a group of men in black clothing. At first, Mr Stafilidis and his friends thought it was a mugging but the thugs punched and kicked them to the ground, calling them “dirty faggots” before running off without stealing anything. He spoke to […]