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Policeman in Golden Dawn Trial Asks for Pr...

Pavlos Seirlis

A police officer has appealed for protection for himself and his family during the Golden Dawn trial, saying he has received threats by telephone.

Pavlos Seirlis Testifies

Pavlos Seirlis

The Golden Dawn trial continued on Thursday with the testimony of eye witness Pavlos Seirlis, who was present at the Koralli café were Pavlos Fyssas was hanging out before he was murdered.

60 Case Files of Golden Dawn

golden dawn speeches

Prosecuting Golden Dawn is about prosecuting criminal activity. Any interest in Nazi ideology only concerns the perpetrators’ motives and does not involve any kind of prosecution of individual beliefs.

Open Files: Golden Dawn

golden dawn speeches

“Persecuting Enemies” looks at the rise of Golden Dawn, Greece’s extreme-right, fascist party, which thanks to the impact of the economic crisis, has seen its support mushroom.

Anger Over Racist Blood Drive


For some unknown strange reason, a hospital in Katerini had bestowed a commendation on Golden Dawn’s so called “Green Division” for its efforts in a blood drive. The “party” is well-known for advocating giving blood only for Greeks.

Defendant “Scared of Golden DawnR...

The Rise Of The Far Right Political Movement Golden Dawn

The trial of Golden Dawn has been delayed numerous times now. Defendants have turned up without lawyers or failed to appear at all. Witnesses have been attacked. The venue has been heavily protested. A new date is set for tomorrow.

Golden Dawn Trail Postponed Again


This is turning into a joke! Playing into the hands of the Nazis. Let’s take care…. via Kathimerini   The trial of Golden Dawn’s leadership and members, which resumed on Thursday morning in Athens, was adjourned until May 12. The court’s president Maria Lepenioti announced that the trial would resume in the same special courtroom […]

Bracing for the Golden Dawn Trial

golden dawn speeches

It is going to be one of the biggest trials in Greek history. Beginning on the 20th April (ironically, Hitler’s birthday), 70 members of Golden Dawn will go on trial for running a criminal organisation, murder and assault charges, illegal weapons charges and money laundering as well as numerous other crimes. The trial will be held […]

Golden Dawn Trial Begins April

golden dawn speeches

  16 Golden Dawn “MPs” and dozens of “party” members will go on trial on April 20th (ironically, Hitler’s birthday). I will be following the trial very closely and reporting as much as I can here. In the meantime, here’s John Oliver on what is obvious to most people but seemingly not to the 6% still […]

Golden Dawn Leader and MPs WILL stand tria...

The "MPs" of Golden Dawn:

Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is an extremist far right “party” that entered parliament last year with 18 seats, after years of being considered a loony fringe group of neo-nazis. First, there’s their leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. He has been arrested  several times for assault and was imprisoned in January 1979 for illegally carrying guns and explosives .... Click on image to read more

The date hasn’t been set yet but the trial of the Golden Dawn gang will go ahead. The judicial panel has ruled that 70 members of the “party” including its leader and its “MPs” will stand trial for participating in a criminal organisation. The charges include murder, attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and arson. The painful […]

Independent Greeks Against Citizenship Bil...

New Citizenship Bill

Many people are unhappy with Syriza having formed a coalition government with the right-wing, nationalist party Independent Greeks (ANEL). They are staunchly anti-immigration and have been criticised for their racist and xenophobic comments and attitudes. I understand the difficult position Syriza were in and that they needed to get together with a minority party to form […]

Golden Dawn Chanting “Sieg Heil̶...

golden dawn speeches

  I dare say that hardly anyone who reads this blog is in any doubt that Golden Dawn are neo-Nazis. However, there is still a persistent 4-5% of people who say they will vote for the “party” on Sunday in the snap general election. Here is even more proof (on video) of supporters including “MP” Germenis, with Nazi flags, […]