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Golden Dawn Threats Against Journalists

Ilias Kasidiaris

The Journalists Union (ESIEA) issued a statement condemning the threats from Golden Dawn’s leader Michaloliakos towards its members.

Probe Into Police Brutality


Pictures posted on Facebook depict a Greek police officer allegedly kicking migrants and refugees at the Moria refugee settlement on Lesvos.

60 Case Files of Golden Dawn

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Prosecuting Golden Dawn is about prosecuting criminal activity. Any interest in Nazi ideology only concerns the perpetrators’ motives and does not involve any kind of prosecution of individual beliefs.

Defendant “Scared of Golden DawnR...

The Rise Of The Far Right Political Movement Golden Dawn

The trial of Golden Dawn has been delayed numerous times now. Defendants have turned up without lawyers or failed to appear at all. Witnesses have been attacked. The venue has been heavily protested. A new date is set for tomorrow.

Bracing for the Golden Dawn Trial

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It is going to be one of the biggest trials in Greek history. Beginning on the 20th April (ironically, Hitler’s birthday), 70 members of Golden Dawn will go on trial for running a criminal organisation, murder and assault charges, illegal weapons charges and money laundering as well as numerous other crimes. The trial will be held […]

Greek Muslims Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack

je suis charlie

I have recently been reading complaints on several forums that Muslims are not speaking out and condemning the Charlie Hebdo attacks. This is, of course, wrong-headed and misinformed. Hundreds of Muslim organisations, community leaders and mosques have condemned the attacks; the problem is that they are either not reported or they are under-reported. Such statements don’t make compelling headlines […]

Golden Dawn Market Raid Trial


Many news outlets reported that Golden Dawn “MP” Kostas Barbarousis was acquitted over the 2012 attack on immigrant market vendors in Mesolongi without understanding or stating why. The raid was captured on video, showing a Golden Dawn gang entering the market and demanding to see identification and then proceeding to smash the stalls of non-Greeks. […]

Golden Dawn Offences from 1996

The True Colours of Golden Dawn:

Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is the far-right Neo-Nazi “party” that currently holds 18 seats in parliament. Many people stated that they voted for them to punish the mainstream parties such as Pasok and New Democracy, not aware of their hate filled, racist agenda .... Click on image to read more

As we know, Golden Dawn have been on the rampage since long before they gained significant support in the last election. Their known offences,which add up to dozens of lawsuits, date back at least to 1996. A document submitted to an Athens court on Tuesday lists dozens of lawsuits and convictions involving members and supporters […]

Arson Attack on Pakistani Grocery Store

shop arson

There is next to nothing in the press about the arson attack on a Pakistani grocery store in Crete on Wednesday night. From what I can gather from bits and pieces, a Molotov was thrown into the building and the store was gutted by flames. People in the neighborhood heard explosions and one of them […]

The Case Against Golden Dawn

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An in-depth article appeared today in Spiegel covering the prosecutor’s report on Golden Dawn which makes the case against them. The 697-page report from the public prosecutor’s office reads like a thriller. But it addresses things that people in Greece long would have considered inconceivable. It paints a picture of a neo-Nazi party that is […]

Golden Dawn Supporters Convicted

The Rise Of The Far Right Political Movement Golden Dawn

  Suspended eight months sentences for three men convicted of coordinated attacks against the Roma community in Aetoliko. Every time a case like this comes up, I hold my breath and hope; hope that justice will one day really be done. Sadly, once again, we see that racist/hate attacks are not taken seriously in Greece. […]

Torture Trial Postponed Again


  On 4 November 2012, Walid Taleb, then 29, was found beaten black and blue on a village street on the island. He had a ring and chain around his neck. He accused his employer, his son and two accomplices of chaining him up and torturing him for 18 hours in a stable. The four […]