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UNHCR Praises Greek Refugee Efforts

syrian refugees kos

For once, Greece has been praised for its humanitarian response to the refugee crisis.

Room for all of us


The photograph of Syrian school teacher Laith Majid arriving in Kos, crying and clinging to his family, was one of the first in this current refugee crisis to touch people’s hearts around the world.

New Migration Service

Disgusting Detention of Children

A new migration service is to be set up (finally) which will mean that Greece will be able to receive the almost 500 million euros already designated from European funds to deal with immigration.

Tragic Chaos on Greek Islands

syrian refugees kos

The tragic scenes played out everyday on Kos and other Aegean islands, with the wave of migration growing each day, is a shame not just for our country, but Europe as a whole.

Refugees Imprisoned Without Facilities

riot police on kos

To assist refugees? Riot police? No, they are being sent to assist the police on the island to control the desperate people who are trapped in a country that has NO organised refugee/asylum system.

Greece: Migrants Helping Migrants

Anti-Racism Law

People who have come here from other places understand better than most what it is like and are offering a helping hand to other more recent arrivals. This is a story you don’t read every day

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Anti-Racism Law

Disgusting Detention of Children

Disgusting Detention of Children

The Deputy Mayor of Athens Maria Iliopoulou along with the president of the Immigrant Integration Council Lefteris Papagiannakis and the assistant Ombudsman for Children Rights Giorgos Moschos visited the migrant detention center in Amygdaleza in December, where they found that the living conditions of minors are tragic. Mrs. Iliopoulou told To Vima that about 150 […]

Syrian Refugees Still Without Solutions


  Photograph by Marios Lolos The Syrian refugees who have started a protest at Syntagma Square, on Wednesday, November 19th and escalated their struggle with the beginning of a hunger strike on Monday November 24th, have published an announcement with their demands, before the press conference they held on Friday, November 28th at noon. WE, […]

Syrian Refugees on Hunger Strike in Syntag...


  [Photograph by Marios Lolos used with permission]   I went to Syntagma today to find out what the situation is with the Syrian refugees who have been camping outside Parliament for 6 days. There are currently about 300 men, women and children there. I asked one of the young men there who was talking […]

New Draft Bill on Citizenship

New Citizenship Bill

[The caption on the balloon reads “Citizenship for all children”] A new draft bill prepared by the Interior Ministry gives all second-generation immigrants living legally in Greece the right to apply for citizenship, whether they were born in the country or have completed certain levels within the Greek education system, Kathimerini has learned. Once approved, […]

Hunger Strike at Amygdaleza


On November 6th, Mohamed Asfak died after suffering from serious respiratory problems for months. He was being held at the Immigration detention centre in¬†Amygdaleza and, despite repeatedly asking for medical help, he was only hospitalised once his condition became life-threatening. Hundreds of detainees are now on hunger strike; protesting the death of Mr Asfak and […]