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Golden Dawn Threats Against Journalists

Ilias Kasidiaris

An Athens Journalists Union (ESIEA) issued a statement yesterday condemning the “warnings” and threats from Golden Dawn’s leader Michaloliakos towards its members.

ESIEA, regarding the threats unleashed by an MP of the Nazi-criminal organisation Golden Dawn from the podium of parliament, denounces toward the Greek people the hideous face of fascism, which is rooted in its criminal ideology

Michaloliakos said that journalists should not concern themselves with the activities of his party. The union said that after Michaloliakos stated his political responsibility for the murder of Pavlos Fysass, the threat were directed towards everyone. They also said that

every stance of silence or tolerance constitutes a sharing of guilt


They stated that journalists will continue to report on all aspects of Golden Dawn’s activities and assured the “party” that as journalists they would always confront them.

ESIEA calls on journalists to be continually vigilant and it declares that it will stand by the side of any citizen, worker or journalist who is targeted

via The TOC

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