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Magda Fysass Testifies


The mother of murdered rapper Pavlos Fyssas on Tuesday told a court hearing the criminal trial of the neo-Nazi party’s leadership that the order for the hit had come from Piraeus MP Yiannis Lagos as a video emerged showing a senior GD official naming Lagos in reference to a possible attack.

Concluding her testimony in a tense and emotional session at the makeshift courtroom in Korydallos Prison, Magda Fyssa claimed that Lagos ordered the murder of her son on September 18, 2013.

“Lagos gave the order. He gave the OK,” Fyssa said, referring to the fatal stabbing of her son by GD member Giorgos Roupakias. She added that GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos had “the ultimate responsibility.”

Leaving the witness stand, Fyssa threw her plastic bottle of water at Roupakias, saying, “So you remember me.” Her move prompted an outpouring of anger at Roupakias, with one observer telling him, “You’d better hope you get a life sentence.”

Meanwhile, a video posted on the Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper on Tuesday shows GD Nikaia branch leader Giorgos Patelis, who spoke on the telephone with Lagos on the night of Fyssas’s murder, telling a crowd of party supporters about an upcoming attack and referring to the Piraeus MP.

“Certain people will get messages for the 15th of the month… if I get the OK from Lagos. If I don’t, we don’t do it,” Patelis can be heard saying in an apparent reference to a planned attack.

In another point of the video, he makes it clear that if the hit goes ahead, “there’ll be nothing left standing, nothing.” “Anything that moves gets slaughtered.”

It was unclear when the video was made.

via Kathimerini

The following is part of the hours of video evidence against Golden Dawn:


  1. Mano
    October 7, 2015    

    What about the murder of manolis kapelenos and Giorgione fount outline, has any of these cultural Marxists murders ever been arrested? Or the murder by criminal terrorist anarchist of the pregnant employee of marfin bank,

  2. deviousdiva
    October 7, 2015    

    Yes, absolutely. These cases are still being investigated as far as I understand and quite rightly. However, they are separate to the current Golden Dawn trial. It is not a case of “Terrible crimes were committed by so and so as well, so that lets Golden Dawn members off the hook”. Don’t forget, with the current GD trial, some of the cases date back years. They were only hauled into court because Pavlos Fysass was murdered and finally the judicial authorities has to do something about the 60 odd separate cases against 69 members of Golden Dawn including most of their MPs.