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Simplified Religious Studies Exemption


There has been a significant argument over the recent announcement from the Alternate Minister of Education Sia Anagnostopoulou that the exemption from religious studies is to be simplified. She said that parents and guardians would only have to say that they did not wish for their child to be involved in religious education without having to state any reason.

She also said that in public spaces, freedom of religion must be upheld although the church and its authorities are respected as well.

via To Vima

To me, this is in line with having respect for citizens of Greece who are not Greek Orthodox and do not wish their children to be involved in the Orthodox Church for whatever reason and I wholeheartedly welcome it.

I don’t think that there will be a mass exodus from the church and I don’t think that this threatens the religious establishment in any way.


The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos then hit back saying that

we must get serious and not listen to everyone’s nonsense

adding that compulsory religious education was written in the constitution saying

our education must be a national and Christian education

The minister has stated that her statement was taken out of context and that it was in response to a listeners question

via To Vima

They have arranged to meet today in an effort to

clear the air




  1. George
    September 29, 2015    

    Greece is an orthodox christian nations which is part of the cultural and national identity. If you and others don’t like it GET OUT OF Greece NOW.

  2. deviousdiva
    September 29, 2015    

    How very Christian of you! In case yoy didn’t know some of your fellow greeks and other citizens of this country are not Greek Orthodox. The Prime Minister is an atheist… are you going to demand that he leaves too? You can be Greek without being Orthodox you know.