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Fyssas Testifies in Golden Dawn Trial


Far from being an argument over a football match as those who defend Golden dawn say, Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by an organised gang with Roupakias, who dealt the fatal blow, turning up after a series of phone calls from members. The victim’s father, Panayiotis Fyssas, is the first person to give his testimony now that the pre-trial procedures have been completed. His evidence is heartbreaking. Imagine being called and seeing your son lying in the street, beaten and stabbed by this criminal gang.

Around midnight the phone in my house rang. It was my brother. ‘Get over here fast, someone stabbed the boy on Tsaldari,’ he told me. I had no idea what I’d encounter. I heard sirens on the way. When I got there I saw his girlfriend holding him but his head was tilted. There was very little blood. I wanted to believe he was still alive.

He added that:

a group of around 18 men waylaid and took turns beating the 34-year-old singer in the street until the arrival by car of Roupakis, who allegedly dealt the fatal blow.

They attacked him; they had their reasons. The attacks were tactical, launched by two or three people at a time… I don’t know how long this lasted. Until the professional killer Roupakias showed up… My boy hung on for four minutes and pointed at his killer. He told a police officer he [Roupakias] had stabbed him.

He also said:

They worked it all out by phone. He received his orders

When asked by whom, he said:

The chief of course, who else. Didn’t he just assume responsibility?

in reference to a recent statement by Golden Dawn head Nikos Michaloliakos in which he said the party “assumes political responsibility” for the incident.

These guys don’t do anything without receiving orders

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  1. Georgo
    September 29, 2015    

    What a lot of crap. Fuss as was murdered by a bunch of soccer hooligans, and that’s the fact.

  2. deviousdiva
    September 29, 2015    

    You will see in time… the gang arrived after the argument and ambushed Fyssas outside the café. The fatal blow was delivered by Roupakias, who was not there until he was called! You will see…