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The photograph of Syrian school teacher Laith Majid arriving in Kos, crying and clinging to his family, was one of the first in this current refugee crisis to touch people’s hearts around the world.

[The other one is of little Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach which is too horrifying to post here]

I am very happy to read that Mr Majid’s family arrived safely in Germany and are now in Berlin.



The following is part of the opening address given by Adrienne Clarkson, Hong Kong-born Canadian journalist, politician and stateswoman, at the Athens Democracy Forum on the 15th of September 2015.


The images of people perilously afloat in overcrowded boats, thronging in railway stations, huddled in tents, challenges our humanity in a stark and urgent way. The picture of Aylan Kurdi, aged 3, dead, face-down on the beach, aroused our sense of shame and horror. It challenged our decency to the core. It happened that his family were trying to get to Canada and this shocked all Canadians, causing an outpouring of grief and recrimination that has had a major effect on our current federal election campaign. I tweeted “I was three when we came to Canada as refugees in 1942, the same age as that toddler… Have we no pity?” I received 1,500 retweets and favorites in two days – reflecting the traditional values of Canadians toward refugees – accepting and willing to help. We have always known how to help.

Read the entire speech here at Kathimerini

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