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Tragic Chaos on Greek Islands

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Article from To Vima

Editorial: Refugee chaos and responsibilities

The tragic scenes played out everyday on Kos and other Aegean islands, with the wave of migration growing each day, is a shame not just for our country, but Europe as a whole. On the one hand we have complete failure, carelessness and lack of planning and on the other we have a Pontius Pilate stance.

It is clear that the Greek administration is unable to manage such the sheer numbers of refugees arriving each day on our islands. It is impossible for islands with so few resources, during the peak of the tourist season, to endure the tragic situation with thousands of destitute refugees seeking a way out of the drama they experience in their country.

Moving them to Athens though cannot be a solution, since it merely transfers the problem from one area to another. Nor of course can the creation of new camps be a solution, as they will only cover up the tragic situation for a little while.

Obviously the relevant services should have made rudimentary preparations to at least tackle the bureaucratic aspect of moving refugees and migrants. Despite the declarations and prediction though, it turns out that that it was all words and no action…

It is just as clear though that Greece should not be left alone to deal with the huge wave of migration. This terrifying humanitarian crisis may only be addressed with the contribution of the European Union. A few delayed meetings of the relevant commission and the occasional wishful thinking from Europe’s leadership are not enough.

It is essential that the government establishes a rudimentary plan to manage the situation and it is imperative that European assumes its fair share. The images of chaos and shame that are being circulated throughout the world are not honoring anyone and cannot carry on.

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