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Refugees Imprisoned Without Facilities


riot police on kos

The title of the article from Kathimerini is

Ship, more police being sent to Kos to assist refugees

To assist refugees? Riot police? No, they are being sent to assist the police on the island to control the desperate people who are trapped in a country that has NO organised refugee/asylum system.

What was previously a situation of state inaction is now one of state abuse, with police using increasing heavy-handed force against these vulnerable people. A site big enough to welcome all with minimum standards has yet to be designated. One is left to wonder what more the Greek authorities need to rise up to the occasion, take their responsibilities and receive these people humanely and with dignity.

said Brice de le Vingne, MSF director of operations.

This is the first time we’ve seen this in Greece – people locked in a stadium and controlled by riot police. We’re talking about mothers with children and elderly people. They’ve been locked in there after many hours in the sun

said Julia Kourafa, a spokeswoman for MSF at the stadium.



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