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Open Files: Golden Dawn

“Persecuting Enemies” looks at the rise of Golden Dawn, Greece’s extreme-right, fascist party, which thanks to the impact of the economic crisis, has seen its support mushroom. In the European elections of 2014, it came in third, with 9% of the total vote. More ominously, Golden Dawn’s fascism does not remain on the level of its pronouncements; the organization and its leaders have a violent history of attacks on immigrants and the left.


  1. Yanni
    July 18, 2015    

    Devious diva, golden dawn are true greek patriots, not like your Syriza sell outs. I hope and prey golden dawn will be in power in greece, and Kick out the western Marxist free mason left wing and neocon conservatives liberals out of the country, along with the ILLEGAL refugee plague. Under Golden Dawn Greece will be free and strong from the Evil anti Orthodox Christian of gay Marxist mason EU and NATO.Greece doesn’t need ant Greeks like yourself. So go back to where you come from.

  2. Yanni
    July 18, 2015    

    And we are feed up with the bull crap propogonda against Golden Dawn. We are sick and tired. We have seen the sell out of Alexis Tsipras (the anti christ) against the Nation of Greece. Greeks voted Oxi and the free mason tsipras sold out to fraun merkel. He has destroyed Greece to save the European project. So please we had enough of the lies.

  3. deviousdiva
    August 6, 2015    

    @Yanni, calm down. We all know that Golden Dawn will never be in power but let’s say for the sake of discussion they do get elected… what do you think will happen? Well, firstly, all the legal foreigners here will leave. I’m sure that makes no difference to you but it does alter the economy somewhat. Secondly, tourists will stop coming in such huge numbers. They will be told that the country is unsafe for all foreigners which would be true. This will hurt the economy in a big way. Thirdly, the European Union will not deal with the current leaders of Golden Dawn so you better find some new ones fast. Though you may not believe it, we have seen the videos of the racist rants of your ” MP” shopkeeper , your beloved spokesman skuffling with photographers and slapping one of his political opponents. This is besides the 1000s of pages of evidence and hours of video evidence of the party’s criminal activity.

    If you believe Golden Dawn are the answer I cannot help you or change your mind. Their lies and propaganda will also be exposed along with all the Pasok and Nea Demokratia lies. The Lagarde list thieves will hopefully be prosecuted too along with the hundreds of tax cheats and thieves across Greece.

  4. Yanni
    August 7, 2015    

    Calm down? thousands of Greeks left Greece, thousand of elderly greeks are homeless and this left wing criminal allows over 100000 illegals in Greece. Greece does no need EU, there is alway RUSSIA and China. plenty of opportunities from Russia and Chinnese investors particularly in the explorations of gas in the Aegean, as well as plenty of rich Chinese and Russian tourists.To hell with the EU. New Zealand and Australia is booming with the Chinese investments and tourists? So what if Kke member Mp Kanelli got slapped from Ilias kasiadiaris, or golden dawn attacking these illegal immigrants. Besides Golden Dawn can deport these illegals into France, Germany. Let those countries deal with the crap. The EU is broken and divided. As for NATO, to hell with NATO, give some islands to the Russian navy to deploy some ballistic missiles.