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Anger Over Racist Blood Drive


For some unknown strange reason, a hospital in Katerini had bestowed a commendation on Golden Dawn’s so called “Green Division” for its efforts in a blood drive. The “party” is well-known for advocating giving blood only for Greeks. Following outrage and angry reactions against the hospitals move, the commendation has been revoked.

The manager of the hospital, Asterios Farmakis, made a statement saying

Illness, pain, blood donation, hospitalization, medical assistance and other human values have no nationality, religion or language. Voluntary action cannot in any way be linked to fascist and criminal organizations such as Golden Dawn.

The extremist “party” had set up their “Green Division” in a pathetic attempt to appear eco-friendly and humanitarian. Donations made by the party to a bear sanctuary was rejected in 2013 when the organization found out it was Golden Dawn who gave them the money.

An internal inquiry has been launched and members of Golden Dawn and any other neo-Nazi or fascist parties have been banned from donating blood.

There is always a shortage of blood and many, many campaigns run all the time to encourage people to donate. They are doing a great job and do not require help from a gang of hate-filled thugs. Do they ever stop to think to themselves what would happen if they were in desperate need of blood and the only blood available was not from someone Greek. Would they reject it? Would they reject it for their children if they ever found themselves in that terrible situation? Can they even comprehend that Greece has to import a lot of blood because

Around ten per cent of the Greek population suffers from thalassaemia, an inherited blood disorder that results in the excessive destruction of red blood cells. This in turn leads to anaemia. People suffering from thalassaemia cannot donate blood Some patients require transfusions every three to four weeks, often relying in Greece on family and friends as donors.

Most of the imported blood comes from Switzerland so I guess Golden Dawn would be ok about that because in their narrow little world they probably think all the Swiss are white at least. Except of course, they are not. Thought, empathy and humanity have never been a strong suit in neo-nazi parties. so it shouldn’t surprise me.

Source: Kathimerini


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