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Golden Dawn Trail Postponed Again


This is turning into a joke! Playing into the hands of the Nazis. Let’s take care….

via Kathimerini


The trial of Golden Dawn’s leadership and members, which resumed on Thursday morning in Athens, was adjourned until May 12.

The court’s president Maria Lepenioti announced that the trial would resume in the same special courtroom in maximum-security Korydallos Prison and that a decision regarding a change of venue lied with the government.

Local authorities are demanding for the trial to be moved to another area, while legal teams and journalists following the proceedings have raised issues regarding the special courtroom’s facilities.

Golden Dawn chief Nikos Michaloliakos was one of several high-ranking members of the Neo-Nazi party who did not appear at the special courtroom on Thursday, while outside the prison gates dozens gathered to participate in an anti-fascist rally and pay tribute to rapper Pavlos Fyssas who was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn members Giorgos Roupakias (photo) in September 2013. The murder prompted a large-scale investigation into the activities of the party.

Meanwhile, a young man sustained light injuries on Thursday when he was allegedly attacked by a group of unknown assailants near the prison.

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