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Bracing for the Golden Dawn Trial

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It is going to be one of the biggest trials in Greek history. Beginning on the 20th April (ironically, Hitler’s birthday), 70 members of Golden Dawn will go on trial for running a criminal organisation, murder and assault charges, illegal weapons charges and money laundering as well as numerous other crimes.

The trial will be held in a special courtroom inside Korydallos prison but local citizens and officials are not happy about the location. Anti-fascist groups are planning demonstrations and there will inevitably be a strong neo-Nazi presence. The police have said that they will be erecting barriers on one of the main streets in the school district to keep the groups apart

As the mayor of Korydallos Kasimatis, said,

How can the city possibly operate under these conditions?

Via Greek Reporter

I will be posting regularly once the trial begins. I am aiming for daily updates as much as I possibly can.

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