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Acquitted of Torture Convictions


Last week, two Greek coastguard who had been convicted of torturing a Moroccan man seeking asylum by a Naval court, were acquitted of all charges by an Athens Appeals court. The evidence of torture, which included a type of waterboarding and a mock execution, was confirmed by the Medical Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims. The state prosecutor claimed that no torture could have taken place because the officers had not been trained in torture methods! At one point, the prosecutor asked the victim of the torture what he had done to “annoy them”! The defense lawyer for the coastguard said that there was a conspiracy against Greece and that the victim was a mercenary!

It is utterly unbelievable to me that these men were acquitted. How is it possible that a verified case of torture that was tried in a Naval court can be dismissed by a bunch of incompetents and conspiracy theorists in Athens?

Another sad day for justice in Greece.

Read the full article including details of the torture at Enet



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