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The Case Against Golden Dawn

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An in-depth article appeared today in Spiegel covering the prosecutor’s report on Golden Dawn which makes the case against them.

The 697-page report from the public prosecutor’s office reads like a thriller. But it addresses things that people in Greece long would have considered inconceivable. It paints a picture of a neo-Nazi party that is both openly and forcefully attacking the democratic system in a way not seen in Europe in decades.

The trial is coming soon. It’s going to be an interesting time for those of us who have been following this “party” for years now. It’s going to be a time of regret for those who supported them, voted for them or turned a blind eye as the evidence against them mounted.

All the Characteristics of a Criminal Organization

The decisiveness with which justice officials in Greece are now pursuing the extremists is new. For some time, politicians and police shrugged off attacks perpetrated against foreigners, gays and critics as the isolated actions of confused individuals. But the increasing brutality of the attacks led to a shift in thinking, with the turning point coming with the murder of anti-facist rapper Pavlos Fyssas one year ago.

Golden Dawn “bears all the characteristics of a criminal organization,” investigators concluded in their report. Particularly characteristic is “the military structure, the absolute hierarchy,” as well as “blind obedience” to commands issued by the party leadership, states the report, recently obtained by SPIEGEL. In it, investigators say they are “certain” that none of these violent acts would have occurred “if they weren’t ordered and backed by the criminal organization/party, especially from its higher and top levels of command.”

Please go and read the full article at Spiegel

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