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Torture Trial Postponed Again



On 4 November 2012, Walid Taleb, then 29, was found beaten black and blue on a village street on the island. He had a ring and chain around his neck. He accused his employer, his son and two accomplices of chaining him up and torturing him for 18 hours in a stable.

The four defendants are charged with abduction, robbery, inflicting unprovoked bodily harm and offending sexual dignity.

“‘You will die here and here you will be buried.’ The son told me that his father had a gun and that he would kill me,” Walid told this reporter after his ordeal. He added that he was certain he would never leave the stable alive.

Taleb’s ordeal didn’t end there. Doctors later said there was no need to keep him in hospital, and police took him into custody, detaining him for three nights in a cell with criminal suspects on Salamina and a night in the Athens aliens’ bureau on Petrou Ralli street, where preparations were made to deport him to Egypt. With the help of a lawyer, the Egyptian community managed to secure Walid’s release from custody four nights after the attack.

According to Taleb’s lawyer, her client has suffered permanent damage to his health as a result of the incident and “is naturally afraid, as a victim of torture”. Attending court reminds him of the painful scenes of violence he endured.

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