The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Golden Dawn: Criminal Organisation

messages of hate

I have been saying this for years; Golden Dawn is not a legitimate party and never should have been allowed to be part of the electoral system. I have always used quotation marks when referring to them as a “party” or to their leaders as “MPs”. They are not.

It has been known for years that they are a gang. A Hitler loving, rabidly racist and anti-Semitic cult that fed people lies and hatred to gain support. The fact that people voted for them in such numbers is astonishing to me. Especially when KNOWING that they are violent and don’t even believe in Democracy. They would seek to destroy it if they ever gained power.

Hopefully, this is the end of their foray into real grown-up politics. The evidence against them is now so damning that ANYONE who still votes for them obviously agrees with their ideology of hatred.

From today’s editorial in To Vima

You can disagree all you want regarding the role, choices and responsibilities of politicians. But you cannot resort to those who invest in hatred and blood to find a way out, in the name of rage and the problems you face. The real problems in a democracy, the mistakes and delays of politicians are neither addressed with civil war practices, nor with the abolition of democracy, as Golden Dawn has been trying. It is a great shame for the country priding itself for giving birth to democracy to have citizens who despite the slew of revelations insist, even if it is just in the polls, to place their hopes in Golden Dawn

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