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Humane Roma Homes

This morning I wrote about the demolition of the Roma community in Halandri. This has now been postponed for 6 months while a more suitable location is found. It begs the question of why they don’t let them stay where they are and provide grants to do up the community as they do elsewhere in Athens. Of course, they are Roma so no-one is willing to do anything to assist. I just want to show you pictures of the place they had designated for them that they refused to move to. Don’t forget, it is also remote, on the side of a mountain and has no water, electricity or local amenities.

This is the place described by the general secretary of decentralized administration Manolis Angelakas as

Humane and very good

roma_megara 2


roma_megara 5


roma_megara 3


roma_megara 8

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  1. October 1, 2014    

    This is dreadful!