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Golden Dawn: Most Unpopular Party

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A week long survey of 1000 people conducted by Public Issue last week shows SYRIZA is Greece’s most popular party at the moment. Golden Dawn dropped out of third place to last place. New Democracy were second, the new party Potami were third followed by KKE, Independent Greeks, Democratic Left and PASOK.

Golden Dawn also polled as the most unpopular party with 85% of the participants voting for them. The numbers of people still voting for them is still way too high (6%) considering that a few years, they only managed to glean 0.28% of the electoral vote. They are still the far-right, nazi extremists that they ever were but they are still managing to pull in the punters. I suspect some of it is voyeuristic. Some people enjoy seeing “bad boys” acting out, hitting people on TV and lashing anyone they disagree with. Unfortunately, there are those who hold the same beliefs that they do; rabid xenophobia, homophobia, hatred of the Left. I am not sure that those people realise yet that the Golden Dawn “party” also oppose Democracy. Something that most Greeks hold very dear.

Any drop in popularity is very welcome but we must keep pushing away at this and not let complacency allow these people any more power than they have already. We must continue to expose their lies and their true ideology and intent.


Via Greek Reporter

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