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Golden Dawn Supporters Convicted

It’s taken 6 years but finally, two Golden Dawn supporters have been convicted of the stabbing of two people during a raid on a community centre. The two criminals initially faced misdemeanor charges but this was changed later to attempted murder!

Via To Vima

According to the court proceedings, Vasilis Siatounis and Athanasios Stratos were part of a group of about 20 people who attacked the center with hammers and knives, attacking those who were located inside at the time. The prosecutor noted that the group had organized its assault, with each participant having a specific role.

They were handed prison sentences of 13 years and six months and 11 years and 6 months respectively. Good! It seems that the judiciary system is finally finding some courage to convict these thugs. They, of course, are appealing the sentence.

I am not sure what is happening about the other approximately 20 people who were involved in the attack on the centre but I will post here if I find out anything more.

UPDATE: A much more comprehensive report on the whole case can be found at ENET

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