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Golden Dawn Teaching Children Nazi Salute

christos pappas

A video (below) has been released by the national newspaper Kathimerini showing the “MP” Christos Pappas (the number two of the  Golden Dawn “party”) showing several young children how to do a nazi salute and say “Heil Hitler”. One boy is dressed in a traditional Greek costune but with swastika armbands and waving a Nazi flag. Pappas is heard praising the boy when he says it correctly. The faces of the children have been hidden to protect them.



The newspaper said the clip is one of four that that is included in the case file against Pappas, who along with Golden Dawn’s leader and other MPs, is facing charges of forming and directing a criminal organisation. The videos are believed to have been found by police on a hard drive in Pappas’ home in a search conducted last year.

In another scene, a younger child, a girl, is also taught how to say “Heil Hitler”.

“Do a ‘Heil Hitler’ for me. Do a ‘Heil Hitler’ for me,” Pappas asks the child, who is wearing a Mickey Mouse top.

An older girl assists in showing the younger child how to outstretch her arm. “This way, boing! This way, boing! ‘Heil Hitler,’” she says.

“Heil, my child, Heil,” Pappas, who was was elected MP for the neonazi party in 2012, then tells the child.


Golden Dawn continue to insist they are not Nazis but  overwhelming evidence showing that they are is emerging ahead of the trial. There is much more to come with the trial scheduled to begin in November.

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