The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Dangerous Reporting


On the 10th September, Antenna 1 and many other national TV channels and newspapers reported that more than 80 jihadists are believed to be in Greece. The internet was awash with a wave of anti-Muslim bile. This was pretty much business as usual in terms of news reporting but in this particularly difficult and dangerous time for immigrants in Greece, it was downright irresponsible. Ten days later, most were posting small “retractions” about the report from the Greek police that stated that there is no jihadist training in Greece

Sometimes journalists get it wrong. A story breaks and in the rush to grab an audience or get papers sold, sensationalist “news” is spewed out. However, in this period of gross anti-immigrant feeling in Greece, this just adds fuel to an already raging fire and hands ammunition to thugs like Golden Dawn and their supporters so that they can continue their campaign of “ridding Greece of the filth.

People pay for these “mistakes”. Not the TV stations or the newspapers; real people pay as the violent rhetoric and action escalates.



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