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Serious Allegations Against Police

fysass memorial

The mayor of Keratsini Christos Vrettakos has made serious allegations against the police who broke up a peaceful demonstration to mark the anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fysass.

Via To Vima

30 undercover police officers dressed in black” acted as provocateurs and when protesters tried to stop them, riot police assaulted people without cause. Mr. Vrettakos stressed that the police “wanted to terrorize the city”.

His account of the action is backed up by SYRIZA supporters who claim to have taken a police ID from one of the “protesters” who were damaging shops in the area.

This is not the first time that such claims have been made against the police. It has long been suspected that large groups of “rioters” are planted in left-wing demonstrations to discredit them.

Three photojournalists were injured during the clashes



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