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Pavlos Fysass: Murdered by Golden Dawn


Today is the 1st year anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fysass, the anti-fascist activist and rapper murdered by Golden Dawn member, George Roupakias. His death marked the end of turning a blind eye to the violence and hatred of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn “party”. Their attacks against foreigners on an almost daily basis for the previous 2 years (over 600 reported incidents) had been largely ignored by everyone, including the press. Once they killed a young Greek man, things changed.

There was public outrage at the killing and an investigation into Golden Dawn finally began. The facts of the murder cannot be denied as they are corroborated by many witnesses, including police officers. This was no drunken brawl as Golden Dawn fans love to say. The gang of thugs turned up after the argument in the cafe after receiving calls and texts from other Golden Dawn members.

Via the Greek Reporter

The 34-year old musician had gone with his fiancee and friends to a cafeteria in the area of Amfiali to watch a football match of his favorite team, Olympiakos. A discussion began in which Fyssas allegedly made a provocative remark about Golden Dawn.

The rapper left the cafeteria after the match was over; according to eye witnesses, a gang of Golden Dawn members was waiting for him to ask him why he had made the provocative remark about their party. About 30 Greek Golden Dawn members in military trousers gathered outside the cafeteria. Two were holding batons. Pavlos Fyssas started to walk to Panagi Tsaldari street with his fiancee. Greek Police forces of the DIAS motorcycle group reached the area but, because they were afraid to interfere in the assembled group, they decided to stand aside. The offender, George Roupakias, approached Fyssas and stabbed him in the chest.

Sadly, the legacy of Pavlos Fysass will not be his music or his anti-fascist activism but the fact of his murder by the very people he abhorred. His parents continue to appeal for calm over his death and vow to keep speaking out against the nazis in our midst. Support for the Golden Dawn “party” is waning (about 6%) as the truth about this criminal gang of thugs is slowly being revealed but the numbers are still way too high. The trial of the members, which includes most of their “MPs” is set to begin in November.

If you want to read about some of the long list of cases being brought against them, please go to Jail Golden Dawn. I will be following the case as closely as I can and will bring you updates.


There will be an anti-fascist concert starting at 5pm on Friday with over 30 artists performing in Syntagma Square.

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