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Response to Golden Dawn Attack


An open response from the Open School for Migrants that was attacked last week. The graffiti is of the Youth wing of Golden Dawn with their “swastika” logo.

Yannis Baveas

Open School for Migrants in Piraeus

In a deserted city where it gets dark late and the streets all burn as if they’re on fire… where everyone dreams of escaping to the waves, with friends, laughing and leaning on each others shoulder trying to hear the sounds of “another life”, others are conspiring, deliberating and deciding their final target… They wait for dark (maybe by instinct because they know well enough that sooner or later even their own shadow will betray them), they jump over fences, break windows, they desecrate with slogans a deserted place – a school yard in the middle of Summer – and steal a computer from the adjacent complex of the same building.. And they are named the “Youth Front” of the infamous “family” based on information they left behind. It would be prudent though to see who exactly such an attack, devoid of reason and bravery, targeted and be better understood if we dwell a bit over an assessment of the past year using the speech our Chairman delivered at the end of the year’s celebration.

Education sector:

Since September 2013 until today we had 277 new student enrolments. 9 Greek language and 2 intensive A2 level classes as well as elements of Greek history. After a request by the Courts for underaged Children, we undertook to teach Greek to underaged immigrants and also offered 7 classes tutorial support in the Greek and English languages at the Mellon Hostel for unaccompanied immigrants in Moschato, Piraeus.

We prepared immigrants for the anticipated interview for obtaining the Greek citizenship.

Foreign language classes were created for immigrants and Greeks. In these courses with a large response, we had volunteers teach English, German, French, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

A computer class was created with the necessary equipment. Dance and theatre improvisation groups were operating. Our first organized library was made thanks to the donations of friends and institutions.

In the social support sector:

We managed to organize a system for the collection of clothing, footwear and items of personal hygiene. We painstakingly created the necessary space for their sorting and storage. Decisive contributors for the collection were: Piraeus and Nikea Support, Distress Harbour, the social place Gyroscope and the Athens Support to All. These items were given to the Womens Prison in Thiva, to police holding cells, to the Lavrio Immigrant detention centre, to the Mellon Hostel, to the International Immigration Organization but also individually to a large number of needy citizens, Greek and immigrant.

In the beginning of the school year in trying to cultivate relationships of solidarity with the schools in the area, our students collected school supplies which were given to pupils of Primary and High Schools in Palia Kokkinia, Piraeus and to unemployed families.


So were all these the people targeted by the Youth Front (in what way are they Golden or even Dawn?) since they only know how to fight with ghosts, in the total darkness they dwell in, when always chosing to “visit” us or in thinking they could harm us. Their target once more are the families of the unemployed, the orphanages and nursing homes, our library, womens prisons, holding cells, unaccompanied and adult immigrants as well as their Greek classmates.. All these constitute our projects, their greatest fear and their final target since we fight in favour all of these things. In the end, “a healthy mind in a healthy body” hasn’t been so successful on the bodies with the glorified tattoos since as Alexander the Great had said,

“I don’t care about the ancestry of Citizens or the tribe they were born to. I confront all with one critera: Virtue. For me, every good foreigner is Greek and every bad Greek is worse than a barbarian”

Our Open School will always be here supporting by our actions all our fellow men who want to learn, need education, civilisation, items of personal hygiene, clothes or medicine in the same way it has learned to do so many years,

because the answer to someone who doesn’t have clothes has never been, “you shouldn’t have been cold”.

The answer to someone without medicine has never been, “you shouldn’t have gone sick”.

The answer to someone who was made to migrate because of conditions in that country was never, “you shouldn’t have come”.

And we prove this daily with our actions and the solidarity we are developing. If some don’t agree, they don’t need to do it.. Any other action against this effort has its roots and incentives in the misuse of inalienable human rights and the splitting once again of this society into plebeians and feudal lords. Our answer to all of them is Civilisation itself, what they boldly advocate to have, we have learned to teach.

“The only and exclusive sign of detailed learning is in the strength of teaching”. Aristotle

The above text expresses purely the thoughts and opinions of the undersigned in response to the night “visit” to our Open School by the Front of a Youth growing up forever uninformed and misguided. We thank all those supporting us from the first moment the news circulated and the trust they show for our work all these years. Following is an indicative series of links referring to this particular event for a lesson in History:

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