The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Released After Shooting 28 People

Twenty eight people were injured in April last year, four very seriously, after a group of workers in the strawberry fields of Manolada demanded to be paid. Two foreman at the farm opened fire on them causing shock and disbelief across the country. Yesterday, a court in Athens released all 4 perpetrators. The owner of the farm and a foreman were acquitted of all charges, including one of human trafficking. The other two, who did the actual shooting received sentences of 14 years and seven months and eight years and seven months but were freed pending appeal.  What could possibly be going on in a case like this where someone can shoot and injure so many people and walk away? Oh yes… I forgot to say… the workers are immigrants, mostly from Bangladesh. Of course their lives mean nothing here They were living and working in appalling conditions that nobody cared about. No effort has been made to change the conditions for thousands of migrant workers here.

I feel shame as a Greek. This decision is an outrage and a disgrace … the court showed an appalling attitude toward the victims

Moisis Karabeyidis, lawyer for the victims

It sends the message that a foreign worker can die like a dog in the orchard

Vassiliki Katrivanou,  MP with main opposition party, Syriza.

We call upon unions and human rights movements to react against this unprecedented racist scandal. The hundreds of millions of profit made in the strawberry industry cannot come about by shooting labourers in strawberry fields

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If you are not sure if the Greek strawberries on sale are from this region, don’t buy them. Pretty much all the immigrant workers are treated appallingly, so boycott them all. It’s the only punishment that we have at our disposal it seems as there is no justice in court.


  1. Divaisantigreek
    August 3, 2014    

    They have no business in Greece and Greeks who hire illegals deserve to go to prison as well.

    That said these people who did the shooting should be back in jail. but the illegals must leave as well.

  2. deviousdiva
    August 4, 2014    

    I agree that those who hire people illegally should go to prison. That means people who hire Greeks illegally too (which accounts for a huge percentage of businesses here. The agricultural organisations and farmers have been crying out for labour but despite huge unemployment problems in the country, Greeks are not taking up those jobs. Not even the 65% of young people who are currently unemployed. You see, illegal immigration AND illegal employment suits the country until it doesn’t. What’s your solution?