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Golden Dawn Attack: Photographers Testify

Golden Dawn leader and 2 MPs appear before magistrates for additional testimonies

Magistrates leading a probe into alleged criminal charges against Golden Dawn on Monday heard evidence from two photojournalists who were attacked by supporters of the neofascist party while covering the court appearance of GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos and two other MPs last week.

Simela Pantzartzi and Yiannis Kemos told the magistrates they were injured in an unprovoked attack by GD members who had gathered outside the court to support their jailed leader.

The head of the Greek Union of Photojournalists, Marios Lolos, also gave a deposition on the incident.

He accused police at the court of seeing the beating but failing to stop it. He also gave evidence on previous attacks on members of the press.

Via Kathimerini

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