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Golden Dawn Attack Photojournalists

Golden Dawn leader and 2 MPs appear before magistrates for additional testimonies

[GD supporters throw rocks at police]

A number of amazing photojournalists are my friends so this issue is very near to my heart. They go out every day and cover stories all over Greece; bringing powerful images that are often more effective at telling the story than words. Yesterday, three of them were attacked by Golden Dawn supporters outside the Athens Central Court where several of their “mps” were back to answer further charges against him. It is not the first time one of them has been attacked by Golden Dawn thugs. Kasidieris attacked a photojournalist moments after his initial release in October 2013 (below right)


Kasidieris also famously attacked two politicians on live TV.

This is what they do. They shout and scream at any opposition and when their rage reaches boiling point, they lash out. You cannot have any kind of dialogue with people whose first instinct is to slap or punch you down. It is unacceptable in our society to be unable to question politicians for fear of violence. It is also abhorrent that journalists from both Greek and foreign press are being attacked by members of the government. I don’t think that this is the case anywhere else in Europe.

Greek police fired tear gas to disperse dozens of Golden Dawn supporters protesting outside an Athens court where the neo-Nazi party’s leader was appearing on Friday.

Chanting “Fatherland, honour, Golden Dawn,” the crowd attacked police and photojournalists outside the Supreme Court, an AFP journalist said.

Three photojournalists were hit by Golden Dawn supporters whilst trying to take pictures of the scuffle with police.

“You are not welcome here,” the demonstrators shouted at the journalists in English, a practice often used by Golden Dawn, whose members are no longer invited to appear on television.

The Greek federation of journalists (Poesy) criticised the police for failing to protect media on the scene.

“Nazi violence does not intimidate news staff,” the federation said.

“We demand measures to protect media from Golden Dawn thugs.”

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris had also struck reporters last year, moments after being conditionally released by magistrates on criminal charges.

“Such behaviour reveals the criminal mentality and activity” of Golden Dawn members, Poesy said.

Via The Sun Daily (reproduced via Agence France Presse)

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