The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Golden Dawn: We Are Not Nazis!


So what are these images then? According to Golden Dawn themselves, they are either photoshopped or the fault of their leaders “youthful antics” The one above is of Nikos Mihaloliakos, the leader of Golden Dawn. He was younger but clearly not a youth.

The one below is from October 2012. Definitely not a youth.



This is Christos Pappas, Golden Dawn’s Number Two, posing in front of poster of Hitler.



Younger but not a youth.

In case you doubt his current beliefs, here’s a picture of him with his wife and children. And clearly not youthful.



And again here, clearly, clearly not a youth.




Here’s Michalis Arvanitis, another Golden Dawn “MP”. This is from 2014 so he couldn’t explain it as being some youthful “mistake”. Instead he explained it like this

This salute is an honorable victory salute used by the ancient Greeks

He added that it is a salute our forefathers used to swear an oath before a sports contest. It is also the way orthodox Christians have been praying to God, he mentioned, apparently indifferent to the fact there is not one Historian or theologian to support his point.

Still, even if that was true and, according to the Greek neo-nazi bible it was emulated by German Nazis, few would be fooled to believing that the gesture was a homage to ancient sportsmen and faithful Christians.

Via The Times of Change

Here is Panagiotis Iliopoulos, another Golden Dawn “MP” with seig heil” tattooed on his arm


Here’s Golden Dawn “MP” and spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris with his swastika tattoo.

Kasidiaris and his swastika

You have to be a pretty committed Nazi to have these types of tattoos in such prominent places.

I know some of this is ground I’ve covered before but here are the rest of the Golden Dawn party and their “youthful” antics; The Truth about Golden Dawn

Stop swallowing the lies of Golden Dawn. Their excuses for their nazi behaviour and beliefs are pathetic. Like children caught with their hand inside the biscuit tin who will still say “It wasn’t me!” People might enjoy watching the spectacle of these thugs shaking up the parliament a bit but at what terrible cost?

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