The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

The Truth about Golden Dawn


WHEN are people going to wake up and take note of what people who KNOW have said and are saying about Golden Dawn? I have been following their progress for 8 years now. There are quite a few other dedicated people who have followed them since their pathetic beginnings. Back in the day when they were a marginalised joke (just a few years ago!) people were trying to warn others about this poisonous little Hitler cult but most people did not take the threat posed by them, seriously. After all, they only got 0.29% of the vote in the 2009 elections. How things change in a few years. Now they deny their roots and intentions. They say they stand for the Greek people; against immigrants, against Europe, against lefties, gays, Communists, artists, journalists… against everyone who stands against them but they deny being neo-Nazis

Some of their “MPs” are in jail awaiting trial (including their Fuhrer and their number 2). The rest of their “party” leaders have been backwards and forwards to the courts, delaying proceedings, bringing lawsuits against the judges and portraying themselves as “political prisoners”.

Now, a senior member who ran for election has come forward and testified against them. Revealing their true agenda. Not that it’s a great shock for those who have been following carefully. The great shock for me has been that people have ignored the truth about Golden Dawn. People have swallowed their lies and propaganda and seem quite happy to ignore their loyalty to Nazism and their violent plans. We have already realised that immigrant blood spilled on the streets means nothing to some members of the population. Quite a big proportion of the population. We have seen that they are willing and able to murder a member of their own sacred group: the young Greek man.

Who knows what else they are capable of?


Neonazi party’s ultimate goal is to establish a one-party regime, in which the state and the party will be identical and the former will operate under orders from the latter

Golden Dawn’s ultimate aim is to create a one-party state and its attacks on migrants are viewed internally as “badges of honour”, a former high-ranking party member has told magistrates investigating the neonazi party as a criminal organisation.

The individual, whose name has not been released to the public, unsuccessfully ran for the party in the 2012 elections and subsequently worked as a parliamentary researcher for the neonazi party before abandoning it in 2013.

His testimony, which he presented voluntarily, has been described as “significant” by the investigating magistrates.

The witness said that “the ultimate goal of Golden Dawn is to establish a one-party regime, in which the state and the party will be identical and the former will operate under orders from the latter”. He added that the regime would maintain power by spreading its beliefs throughout society and – to the greatest extent possible – “in state institutions, meaning the police and the army”.

Golden Dawn’s plans have clear historical parallels. In 1933, Hitler passed a law linking his Nazi party with the state. Through this process of Gleichschaltung or “forcible-coordination”, the Nazi regime successively established a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society.

The witness is the first high-ranking former member of the party to come forward and testify in the investigation. He said he was “falsely, but consciously” a member from 2005 to 2013.

“From the day I decided to quit Golden Dawn, I have been systematically receiving death threats and have been the target of relentless psychological warfare,” he said.

He added that attacks carried out Golden Dawn party members on migrants were considered “medals of honour” internally.

He testified that Golden Dawn was not interested in money or offices, only in disseminating its ideas, adding that any “renunciation of violence” declarations coming from party officials “are completely hypocritical”.

He also claimed that the extensive audio and video footage that top party officials made of Golden Dawn events of every kind did not serve the claimed purpose to remember events but actually functioned to tag members and provide material to blackmail them.


Please wake up, people. Before it’s too late. Do you really want to hear Nazi songs sung in front of Parliament? Do you want to see Nazi salutes inside the chambers? Do you really want to see people lynched by gangs of these thugs? Do you really want to live in a society where you fear for your life if you don’t “fit” or you don’t join in?

I’m exhausted by this. Part of me feels broken by this endless fight against neo-Nazis but I look around and I see that there are 1000’s of people like me. Fighting in their small corner. Putting the word out there. Letting the world know what is going on here in Greece. And that keeps me going.




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