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Golden Dawn in Australia



The neo-nazi “party” Golden Dawn claim that they are making inroads in Australia and want to open branches in Melbourne (which has the biggest population of Greek immigrants) and Sydney. It is utterly bizarre to me that a virulently anti-immigrant gang would attempt to whip up support in communities that are immigrants themselves.  Then again, common sense and thought are not the domains of extremists. The reaction to the “threat” of Golden Dawn in the Australian Greek diaspora has been strong and swift.


George Vellis, president of the Hellenic Council in NSW said: “If supporters of Golden Dawn surface in Australia and utter obscene, bigoted and offensive words on a website or at a public gathering, they would be afforded protection under the proposed legislation on the basis that they would undoubtedly argue that it was in the course of participating in a public discussion about the effects of illegal immigration. There can be no place in Australia for such zealotry.

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Reports suggest the group has more than 200 members and 3000 followers in Melbourne, and plans for Golden Dawn MPs to visit later this year have sparked a firestorm of protest from Greek communities and civil activists.

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The former Prime Minister said last year

although Australia believes in the freedom of speech and parties such as Golden Dawn will not be “muzzled in Australia”, she added that there is “no place for that kind of politics in our nation.

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It looks unlikely that Australia would deny them visas but the Greek community are not afraid to show their disgust at their presence.

Golden Dawn MP. Ilias Panagiotaros was interviewed on Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes show, and he admitted that Golden Dawn has managed to establish branches both in Sydney and in Melbourne.

During his interview, Panagiotaros mentioned that the far-right political party is currently third largest political force in Greece. Golden Dawn aims to “remove all immigrants” from the country.

Following his statements, the Hellenic Council of Australia released a statement that stressed: “The Australian Hellenic Council NSW Inc. views with alarm reports that the ultra-right wing Golden Dawn party in Greece claims to have opened branches in Sydney and Melbourne.

At a time when we are calling on the Federal Government to abandon its ill-considered changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, the Hellenic community in Australia faces the prospect of importing elements of a brutal and overtly racist ideology that has taken racism to a new level in Greece by blaming that country’s current economic and social woes on immigrants and everyone else who does not fit Golden Dawn’s self-conceived image of the so-called Greek nationalist.


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There are many Facebook pages that are saying NO to Golden Dawn in Australia. They have more followers than the “party” has members.

No to Golden Dawn in Melbourne

Australians Say No to Golden Dawn


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