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Easter Handout for Greeks Only


If you can prove you are 100% Greek, you can receive food from Golden Dawn. The “party” were up to their usual publicity stunt on Thursday, handing out food to needy Greeks who could produce their ID cards. They proudly tell everyone that they are the only party who help Greek people, which is not true of course. They are however, the only group who base their criteria for receiving help on nationality. The scores of soup kitchens that operate in the city on a daily basis do not discriminate against poor foreigners. The thousands of volunteers who hand out food and give to charities do not discriminate by race, gender or orientation. I know of no other party anywhere in Europe that proudly and openly operate in this discriminatory way.

Golden Dawn also use these occasions to peddle their propaganda to people who are simply grateful to receive food. They get to hear that the immigrants are to blame for their situation. We are literally taking the food out of their mouths. They will not hear that most of us have contributed to their country in such massive ways. And that in times of “plenty” it was foreigners who were building the houses and infrastructure, picking crops for export, taking care of the children and the elderly, teaching languages to their youth, contributing skills and education to business and industry and have been integral to tourism.

I read all over the internet that Golden Dawn accuses immigrants of sucking up all the welfare in Greece. What welfare might that be when there isn’t any? We are a massive drain on the health service when most of us are paying though our taxes. The majority of those that don’t pay, can’t because their Greek employers do not register them for tax or health insurance. Golden Dawn seek to blame immigrants for the mess after the party when they were not invited in the first place. I don’t think I know a single non-Greek friend who benefitted from the boom years. None of them were able to build second and third homes. Most do not even own their primary home. None have more than one car. Most cannot afford private school or tuition, nannies or home helps.

I am not saying that we should be treated better than Greek people. Just equally and fairly, given that the vast majority of us contribute our fair share. Golden Dawn blame immigrants for everything especially those of us with darker skin and especially those who are Muslims. But they also see Greeks who disagree with them as enemies, are also rabidly homophobic and are against democracy. Handing out food to those who need it is a generous and necessary act. Handing out food only to Greeks who can prove it is a divisive and racist publicity stunt.

Wishing for better times for all.


Via Greek Reporter

All those in need will be welcome at

The welfare services of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA) announced the details regarding this year’s annual Easter meal for the needy.

According to KYADA’s announcement, the Easter meal will be available t 1pm on Easter Sunday at the Indoor Gym in Rouf (on the corner of Piraeus Street & 69, Echelidon Street). The Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis will also be attending the annual event.

Additionally, hundreds of gifts will be handed out to the needy.

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