The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Escaping Golden Dawn



Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos, Golden Dawn “MP” for Larissa resigned this week saying he did not know about the “party’s” criminal activities and violent leanings.

Of course he knew!

We all knew… so how could one of their “MPs” not know?


He’s lying and this article from Kathimerini attempts to explain why.

There is nothing easy about escaping from “associations” such as Golden Dawn. Even the simplest members – applause generators, bullhorn carriers and leaders of late-night beat-downs on migrants – know that the party is founded on fear: not just that which it wants to strike into the hearts of its enemies, but also that which it wants to implant in the minds of its members. The latter are taught very early on (for example, with the first attack against any comrade who dares show any opposition) that fear protects their physical safety, their family and their status in the party’s microcosm.

Therefore the first escape of a high-ranking official from Golden Dawn’s fortress is a big deal indeed, and especially when it is an MP who has behaved like a good soldier and shown no prior signs of straying.

Read the full  article at Kathimerini

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