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3 More Golden Dawn “MPs” in Trouble

golden dawn immunity

Three more “MPs” from Golden Dawn have had their immunity lifted. There are a lot of people shouting about how unfair and undemocratic this procedure is. They say immunity must be lifted for everyone. Yes, I absolutely agree but that’s not going to happen overnight. Let’s start with the immediate threat of the Nazis and then move on to the other crooks and liars.

Let’s be clear about who the three people are.


Michalis Arvanitis is this guy doing a Nazi salute at a “party” gathering in Crete


Eleni Zaroulia is this women with an iron cross ring. She is the wife of the jailed Golden Dawn Fuhrer, Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

Kasidiaris and his swastika

Ilias Kasidiaris is this guy with the swastika tattoo. He is the one who spat on reporters outside the courthouse and slapped another MP on TV.

Make no mistake. These people are Nazis and should not be in Parliament. We’ll get to the other corrupt, stealing, lying politicians after we have got rid of this dangerous gang of violent thugs posing as politicians.


The Ethics Committee of the Greek parliament has decided to lift the parliamentary immunity of another three members of the political party Golden Dawn’s parliamentary representatives, Eleni Zaroulia, Ilias Kasidiaris and Michalis Arvanitis.


Read the full article at the Greek Reporter

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