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Thessaloniki’s Jewish Heritage

jewish heritage

A fascinating article about the rich Jewish history and heritage in Thessaloniki from the Peter Sommer Travels.

One of the fundamental features of Thessaloniki – Greece’s second city, sometimes known as Salonica – since its very foundation in 315 BC was its multicultural character. The city, a key highlight on our Exploring Greece: The Archaeology, Food and Wines of Macedonia tour, was actually founded by a synoecism (the amalgamation of villages into poleis or city-states in Ancient Greece) of 26 settlements in the area. From early on, one of its most prominent communities were the Jews, who first settled there around the middle of the 2nd century B.C. and played a crucial role in the history and development of the city until the mid-20th century.

Read the full article at Peter Sommer Travels.

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