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Alex Meshivili Update


I have been following the disappearance and murder of Alex Meshivili since the story first broke in 2006. It appears that there have been some developments in the past few weeks.

According to reports, on Friday, January 24, on the Greek TV show “Fos sto Tounel” (a TV show which investigates real crime cases) a grave-digger declared that during a grave digging in Rapsomaniki’s cemetery four years ago, he had discovered what seemed to be the remains of a young person or child. There were neither clothes near the body nor a coffin. He also said that when he reported the discovery to his supervisor, he asked him to rebury the body.

Also on the programme, one of the boys involved in the murder (he was just 13 at the time) said

that he and his four friends had repeatedly bullied Alex Meshivili. He also admitted that they beat him and chased him until he fell down some stairs and died. After that incident the boys are alleged to have dumped Alex’s body at an abandoned building and later into a river. The 20-year-old stated that he didn’t know who handled the body afterwards.


Read the full article at the Greek Reporter


UPDATE: It turns out that the remains found are not those of Alex Meshivili.

Read here at Greek Reporter

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