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With Friends Like This…


Nick Griffin, the bankrupt (in more ways than one) leader of the British National Party (BNP) has allied himself with Golden Dawn saying

They’re not perfect but that is none of our business. The level of repression directed at Golden Dawn is outrageous. It is an affront to democracy not just in Greece but throughout Europe. It is a very dangerous precedent

He is willing to turn a blind eye to Golden Dawn’s many, many worrying faults (including being staunchly against democracy, advocating violence and using intimidation and threats against its detractors) in order to support what he sees a nationalist party not a Nazi one. He is preparing a case on behalf of Golden Dawn to take to the European Court of Human Rights!!!!

He admitted that the appeal to a European human rights court that he opposes was “deeply ironic” but insisted that it could be a tool to inflict a “humiliating and expensive defeat” on the Greek state and “liberal European elite”.

Griffin has been in Athens, meeting with member of the “party” and has been welcomed by Michaloliakos, leader of GD

the Golden Dawn leader lavished praise on Mr Griffin, comments that might come back to haunt the BNP leader who insists he “is not a Nazi”.

“I extend my greetings to the militant patriot and great Member of the European Parliament Nick Griffin who has staunchly defended the political movement of the Golden Dawn,” he wrote. “It is with the same faith that Mr Griffin is struggling daily under adverse conditions for the independence of the British people against bankers and usurers. Our common fight continues.”

Party supporters turned out in their dozens wearing their typical paramilitary clobber. After the meeting, he told Telegraph reporters

I’m one of the few friends they have got

And that’s the first time he’s ever said anything I agree with.

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