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Golden Dawn Racist Murder


anti-racist protest


The trial of two Golden Dawn members for the murder of  Luqman Shahzad began yesterday in Athens.  I believe this is the first time in Greece that a murder is being classed as a hate crime (but don’t quote me on that). I will be following the trial closely and will keep you posted.

Via Greek Reporter

The 29-year-old fireman, Christos Steriopoulos, and 25-year-old private sector employee, Dionyssis Liakopoulos, appeared in court on Wednesday over charges of murdering a 27-year-old Pakistani in Athens on January 17. The trial opened under heavy police presence.

The two members of Golden Dawn are accused of fatally stabbing Luqman Shahzad with a knife in Petralona, Athens. If found guilty the two men will be punished with a life sentence.

The two men were arrested a few hours after the murder when a taxi driver who witnessed the attack reported their motorbike number plate to the authorities. According to the witness, the men were driving up behind the victim and assaulted him as he cycled near the Athens Acropolis. The defendants, claimed that they got into a row with the Pakistani man after he got in their way with his bicycle.

The investigating authorities discovered leaflets from the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, bats and knives in the residence of the 25-year-old man. However both defendants deny being members of the party.

The murder of Luqman Shahzad was included in the case against MPs, officials and members of Golden Dawn by special magistrates Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou. The case came to trial three months after the fatal stabbing of the leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) by a Golden Dawn supporter.

Human rights and immigrant defence groups have organised a rally for later on Wednesday outside Athens courtroom.


  1. Stella Tassopoulos
    December 19, 2013    

    what about the murder of the two golden dawn members last month? why wont you discuss that?
    or the attack on Greeks non-golden dawn members by immigrants?

  2. deviousdiva
    December 20, 2013    

    The murder of the two Golden Dawn members, as awful and disgusting as it was, is not a human rights issue. Golden Dawn is. Golden Dawn is against human rights and even against democracy. Golden Dawn wishes to deny human rights from all foreigners and from Greeks (if they stand against them).

  3. Chuck Norris
    December 21, 2013    

    @Stella, I agree with DeviousDiva, no decent person agrees with this type of violence, even against the two young men of Golden Dawn. They didn’t deserve to die either. BUT, there are thousands of media sources in Greece who have reported on immigrants attacking Greeks, and plenty more anti-foreign commentary in the Greek media, but DEVIOUSDIVA is one of the only sources in Greece that reports on crimes against immigrants. There are plenty of foreign ones, but her site is the only one (to my knowledge) that brings to light the immigrant plight. So, you have to ask yourself why you asked her that question? Do both the immigrant and the Greek deserve to live without fear? I say YES., do YOU?

  4. Stella Tassopoulos
    December 25, 2013    

    of course its a human rights issue they were gunned down and murdered cause they had political affiliation with anti-systemic party

    illegal immigrants and 90% are that illegal should live in fear of being deported.
    but no not murdered.

  5. Guest
    December 27, 2013    

    You are correct that nobody has ever been prosecuted for a murder as a hate crime before, in Greece. In fact, the Greek prosecutors refused repeatedly to prosecute for hate speech or hate crimes of any sort, implying that they did not agree with the law on the statute books.

    In case anyone is wondering why the Samaras government started its clampdown on Golden Dawn (and the phone tapping by the security services began well before the murder of Fyssis) when only a year ago they were contemplating a possible coalition government with the Nazis, there is an answer on Varoufakis’s blog. He states that he has been informed by a trusted source that Samaras received several urgent phone calls from Germany instructing him to remove GD from the political arena in Greece. Since there is only one German politician with the seniority to speak with Samaras, it must be Merkel who has given the instruction to the puppet government of Samaras.