The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Golden Dawn Exposed

golden dawn


Golden Dawn is crumbling under the sheer weight of evidence that proves their Nazi ideology and beliefs. For the past two or three years, the have tried to lie about and cover up their past. From the Hitler loving cult, who were proud of their swastikas and flags who realised just a couple of years ago that they were unelectable unless they hid their true colours. Let’s face it, before the previous election, they couldn’t even get 1 % of the vote. Then they got smart (relatively). They got their copies of Joseph Goebbels’ Principles of Propaganda and set to work. They only had about 2 or three ideas but they did it well. They have the myth of the little old ladies that they escorted to the ATM, to protect them from the “hordes of sub-humans” ready to mug or kill them for their pension. They have the myth of the food and blood drives for Greeks only. They alone were feeding poor Greeks while the “lefties and communists” only cared about feeding illegal immigrants. The final myth, the real clincher, is that they are a nationalist party. The only party that cares about Greece and Greeks. They played the sympathy card too. They accused the “leftie, Jewish media” of trying to demonise them by calling them by calling them Nazis. They told everyone that their flag was not meant to be reminiscent of a swastika but an ancient Greek meander. The Nazi salutes they engage in are Roman salutes. The swastika tattoos sported by other spokesperson is a legitimate symbol for white Europeans. Not sure how they explained the “Seig Heil” tattooed on another “MPs” arm.

The lies and propaganda was working well. They swaggered and shouted and spat and slapped their way to more and more support. From a voting public sick to the back teeth of the corrupt dynasties that have run Greece for so long.When the financial crisis really hit, Golden Dawn stepped in and stepped up. They gave the country a scapegoat; immigrants.

I have documented the rise of Golden Dawn for many years here. From their first “Hate Fest” (their title not mine) to their current (hopefully) demise. (Just do a search for “Golden Dawn” if you want more background information)

To the present, their leaders are in prison awaiting trial. The “party” is under investigation left, right and centre. Today, the press have released some details about the extent of evidence against Golden Dawn.

From Kathimerini

The material also includes speeches given by Michaloliakos and other party members in which they fail to recognize parliamentary democracy and declare themselves to be in favor of its overthrow. Coupled with the evidence suggesting party supporters trained like members of a paramilitary organization and supported Nazi principles, the evidence could be enough for magistrates to bring charges under Article 135 of the penal code, which deals with cases of treason.

From To Vima

One video shows party leader Nikos Michaloliakos at the oath taking ceremony of new Golden Dawn members, where he confesses his Nazi ideology and gives Nazi salutes. In one particular video Michaloliakos admits Golden Dawn members are Nazis and that “everyone must kill the Jew inside them”. He also appears in numerous videos threatening to “finish off” and “hang” his political enemies.

Footage from the oath ceremony shows Golden Dawn members admitting that their racist ideology, surrounded by Nazi symbols and arguing that they will “crush everyone like worms”. In the election campaign speech from 2012 Michaloliakos urges his supporters to remain calm to “avoid a provocation of 5-6 deaths that could be pinned on Golden Dawn”.


From Greek Reporter

In particular, one of the videos shows the chief of the Golden Dawn Party, Nikos Michaloliakos making the Nazi-Salute alongside with Georgios Germenis, Golden Dawn’s MP. These Nazi-style salutes are taking place during the initiation of new members who are taking vows of loyalty to the party. In this video one of the members says that “all those who are moaning but yet wait passively on their couch are worms and we must take them down too. This is what they deserve


There’s a lot more to come… I think some people will be shocked by some of the evidence because they fell for the propaganda.

I am certain that this is the beginning of the end for Golden Dawn as a “party”. Nazi’s are never going away. They will gather and plot and spread their lies and hatred wherever they can. My hope though is that never again could a “party” like this, a gang of thugs, ever enter the parliament of this country.

My hope is rising again. I hope one day…soon… I will have something else to write about.

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