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Golden Dawn Leader and MPs Arrested

golden dawn "party" leader

Today is a momentous day for all have us who have been horrified by the rise of the Nazi “party” Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).


In the last elections, 18 members were elected into parliament. They went from 0.28% of the vote to around 7%. After the election, support for this criminal organisation rose to around 12%. A shocking and frightening figure. All along, reports of the criminal activities of Golden Dawn have been dribbling out; attacks against immigrants (around 900 in the last few years), attacks against gay people, “lefties”, journalists and so on. Ordinary people sitting at their keyboards were posting pictures and videos of these MPs committing criminal acts; demanding to see the IDs of random people, smashing up the market stalls of immigrants, having hideously racists and homophobic rants on camera.

I have sat and watched and written and ranted in disbelief that this “party” has got away with violence and hatred towards hundreds of people and nothing has been done. On the 18th September 2013, a Golden Dawn supporter murdered  a well-known anti-fascist rapper called Pavlos Fysass. There was evidence that this was a hit organised by the “party”. People were shocked and support declined overnight. Since then, the “party” has been backpedaling like mad but the overwhelming evidence against them finally caught up this morning.

Their leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, along with “MPs” Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros and Ioannis Lagos, the general secretary of Golden Dawn’s Nikea chapter Nikos Patelis and several other prominent members, have been arrested. The case against them seems to support the idea that they are a criminal organisation. If that is the case, Golden Dawn can be removed from parliament.

This is a very good day for all of us who have fought peacefully against this murderous and hateful “party”. As I write this, my hope is soaring. Can we dare to believe that this is really the end of Golden Dawn?

For more on the “MPs” of Golden Dawn, read here or do a search on this site for “golden dawn”.


Updates to follow as events unfold….


  1. Vera
    September 29, 2013    

    I am thrilled, ecstatic, even- like any other Greek with an ounce of sanity. However, I can’t help but feel that it was the threat of a coup, that ‘inspired’ all this.
    Nevertheless, I am rejoicing!!

  2. deviousdiva
    September 29, 2013    

    I really don’t believe that this was a snap decision. It seems as if the legal system has been building a case against Golden Dawn for quite some time. The threat of a coup is something I haven’t really fathomed yet but I’m not sure the two are related. Anyway, I’m thrilled too that finally these criminals have been charged and will go to trial for their actions. I look forward to seeing at least some of them (most of them) with very long sentences because of the sheer amount of blood they have spilled and fear they have brought over the past few years.

    Welcome to my site and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Bla
    September 30, 2013    

    and now if they only arrest the pasok , new democracy criminals who drove thousands more to suicide, stole, lied, and had their “anti-fascist” violence against golden dawn and others (bombed their offices)…who as you note correctly stole funds to integrate immigrants, etc and by not dealing with immigration…have allowed scores of thousands of illegal aliens to run around many of whom have no resources so are turning to all the usual that any desperate person will turn too.
    instead the rest of the criminals are not planning on killing off much more than Golden Dawn did by passing the Troikas next set of inhumane measures and this show they are doing is taking away attention from that crime … Hurray Golden dawn is in jail…. too bad for Greece that career criminals and thieves are still running this country and they are the reason golden dawn even became a political force! so now its just a matter of time you have another extreme group pop up eventually.

    The repression of the EU, IMF and etc. must end.

    Greece needs to leave the EU. in fact the EU is a terrible for every country really. it concentrates power to a few hands further removed from their nations. Really its run by the International Usurers / Rothschilds banking family.

    Countries / communitiies should be run locally by the people that live there.