The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

The End of the Golden Dawn

A roundup of some of the criminal acts committed by Golden Dawn “MPs”. I am hoping with all my heart that this is the end of this hateful “party”. It is tragic that it took another death to bring this about. Shameful that it was only when a Greek man was murdered by them that the country sat up and took notice. Let us not forget the hundreds of immigrants that have been attacked, assaulted and even murdered by the Golden Dawn thugs. Let’s not forget the gay citizens of this country who were attacked. Let’s not forget the climate of fear that these thugs have created for everyone who does not fit into their narrow view of what a “real” Greek is. That includes ALL who disagree with their hatred and lies.

The Golden Dawners and their supporters and apologists are out in full force all over the internet. The disgusting comments on most articles about this situation make for appalling reading. Thank you to everyone who has had the courage to speak up against them. We are starting to get support from all over the world. From ordinary people who are finally getting to find out what is happening here. People who cannot believe that Europe is allowing this to happen…. again.

Join me in working peacefully to end the Golden Dawn era. Share articles, post everywhere. comment everywhere. Please do so with grace and dignity. They have no intelligent arguments but you cannot argue with them. Let’s not resort to violence in speech or action. This solves nothing but to serve their agenda. Violence is their only tool. Stop the violence and the gang will die.



Although the news item is in Greek, it covers some of the criminal activity that I covered in this post.


  1. Patrick
    September 30, 2013    

    At long last the evil is grounded. I am sickened to have witnessed these thugs running riot for so long and will never forgive those that voted for and allowed a criminal organisation to gain seats in parliament
    The Golden Dawn Party are lacking in the basics of what is required to assist in helping Greece through these troubled times, what these criminals are good at is showing no fear when it comes to using violence against all those that stand up against their Nazi preachings
    I ask myself – How many murders have these Nazis committed? it is too late taking action after the most recent Nazi atrocity in Athens, these Nazis should have been rounded up a long time ago as it was obvious to most of us what lay ahead
    Lets all hope that these evil violent Nazi thugs are locked away for many years to come

  2. deviousdiva
    September 30, 2013    

    I totally agree with you Patrick and I’ve been saying it for years. I have been stunned by their even being accepted as a political party let alone getting 18 seats. I am stunned and dismayed that so many people voted for them. I am less able to accept the “I didn’t know” argument as time goes on. The voters cast their “protest vote” with the blood of innocent victims of this gang of murderous thugs. I am still reeling at the depth of callousness shown by the fact that hundreds of immigrants have been attacked and beaten and at least 4 killed (at the latest count) and NOTHING was done. Worse, people allowed it to continue. There were few protests or marches or journalist shouting for justice. Most of them do not know or do know care about Shehzad Luqman who was murdered by GD back in January. He has been assigned the name “a Pakistani in Petralona”. Discounted and ignored and not even given his name.

    I’m very angry and don’t mean to have a rant following your comment but every time I see those violent twisted thugs on television these days, they make my blood boil. I know we have a long way to go to restore democracy in Greece but it’s a first step…

  3. deviousdiva
    September 30, 2013    

    and BTW Welcome to my site and thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s always good to hear from people who denounce fascism and are with us in the struggle to rid ourselves of them…. again!!!

  4. Patrick
    September 30, 2013    

    Please accept my apology for not thanking you for your work in creating such a good Website, when the Nazi thugs are on my mind (which is often) i forget my manners

    Thank you for all your work in building this website

  5. deviousdiva
    September 30, 2013    

    No need to apologise at all but thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate that. I hope you will continue to read and comment as often as you feel. I have been writing almost exclusively about Golden Dawn in recent times but I do cover other human rights issues in Greece.

  6. Bla
    October 1, 2013    

    hopefully you will cover the crimes and inhumanity of pasok and new democracy next as well as they are criminals who stole, lie and drive thousands to emigrate and suicide and as you stated stole the money the eu gave them to help the immigrants here.

  7. deviousdiva
    October 3, 2013    

    Yes, I have covered previous governments stealing and hiding money given by the EU. I have written about the complacency, lack of will and criminal activities of previous governments in relation to human rights and immigration (or lack of) policy. I criticised specifically ND’s clean-up operations Xenios Zeus and both ND and Pasok’s governments inability to set up any like a proper transparent asylum and immigration system.

    People do criticise my attack on Golden Dawn because they feel this site is one sided just against them. I believe this is an unfair criticism as Golden Dawn have only been in Parliament for the last year! The other 7 years that this blog has been running, my attacks against the government has been against Pasok and ND. Yes, it’s true, I have closely followed the rise of Golden Dawn, not just recently but from the beginning of this blog. This blog actually came about partly in response to the rise in racism and Golden Dawn.

    I do feel that extremism of any kind is the biggest threat to the human race. Golden Dawn are a manifestation of everything I despise. Hatred, violence and fear. Now that they are in a position to have a say over how a country is run and what happens to its citizens, I feel it is my absolute duty to speak up against them. They do not practise or believe in democracy. We, as believers in democracy, must defend it against those who seek to destroy it.

  8. bla
    October 3, 2013    

    and ND and PASOK are doing violence just not in the same way..
    so you are missing my point
    they are just as criminal , and worse, cause they are whitewashed with the exteriors of societal acceptability.

    At least Golden Dawn says what they are.

    Pasok and ND are theives, and murderers and robbers and are enslaving and condemn all the people in this land regardless of Greek or not to the forces of international usury.

  9. Patrick
    October 5, 2013    

    bla – With reference to your recent posts

    You give the impression that you wish to divert the subject in question and attempt to justify a Nazi parties ill gotten gains
    Having read through some of this Website it has become apparent to me that the owner of this site is very broadminded yet as narrow minded as i when it it comes down to very sick people wishing to live their lives as Hitler and his Gestapo did

    I, like billions of others could very easily attempt to divert peoples attention here yet i don’t, i do believe that today’s politicians thrive on this knowledge

    Please do not take offence at my preaching’s bla, please do note that i will never ever read one of your posts in the future due to the fact that we can all easily attempt to divert readers away from comments about the facts – I am solid bla – I don’t go off subject

    Thinking about my above post bla – Who am i to post here how i feel yet i regect you for going off topic

    I know who i am bla and that is the difference – I like to see people happy – The Nazis are full of hate and violence and kill people for their views

    bla I love a big argument – No one argues with a Nazi – Goodnight

    Apologies to DD if i have crossed that thin red and black line