The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Enough of Golden Dawn!


To Vima Editorial

No tolerance for the monster…
Thursday, September 19, 2013

The egg has hatched. The monster is her, beside us, wandering amongst us, threatening decades-old democratic rights. By using the crisis, anger and indignation of some desperate people as a vehicle, but unfortunately thanks to our tolerance it makes its heinous, murderous presence known on a daily basis. At first it was the immigrants who face the murderous attacks in the name of the crisis. Then it was street salesmen, whoever is considered difference, up to the celebrations of hate at Meligalas and the cold-blooded murder of Tuesday night.

It is high time everyone understands: “Golden Dawn” is an open, festering wound to our democracy. An openly pro-Nazi organization, modeled on the organization of raid parties with paramilitary strike teams, obscene MPs who resort to bullying in Parliament on daily basis cannot be dealt with comments and denunciations. Democracy might tolerate the intolerable, but it cannot be blind to criminals. Thankfully there are laws and institutions that must finally come into effect. It is everyone’s responsibility, but primarily that of politicians and society itself to isolate and neutralize the monster. Because it would be tragic for all of us to forget about the murder and continue living with fascism next to us…

The initiative is obviously one the government must take, but it the duty of all democratic parties to find a code of communication and create a common front against violence, racism and neo-Nazism. In the name of the crisis we have exonerated enough of these phenomena that degrade and undermine democracy. Whatever our political differences and conflicts might be, they cannot become an alibi for passivity. It is not just the social peace and cohesion that is at risk, but the international standing of our country, which is now being presented as Europe’s scapegoat. The denunciations and statements of outrage are not enough. Specific initiatives with the Constitutional and legal framework are necessary to safeguard democracy against those who subvert on a daily basis. When you are facing a monster you cannot respond with wishful thinking anymore…


  1. Guest (xenos)
    September 21, 2013    

    Your almost-lone crusade against the political acceptance of Golden Brawn has now gone mainstream Greek news! There is now hope that these vicious thugs will at least be denied a role in parliament, and some should rot in prison (if not Hell).

  2. deviousdiva
    September 22, 2013    

    @Guest (xenos) Thank you so much for your support. There have been many, many people working towards this end. Writing and sharing information. I think we must keep up the front against them and not allow them to twist everything to their ends. Now is the crucial time. Now we have an opportunity to destroy them without violence. They have hung themselves and that was always my best hope. I’m just so saddened that it came out of blood on the streets and that our politicians, the media and law enforcement allowed it to happen. The Greek voters finally and undeniably know what GD stand for and quite rightly feel ashamed. There is now no excuse that they are not informed. It came too late for the hundreds of people who have been attacked and at least two people who have been murdered but the truth is out. Let’s see what happens…