The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Golden Dawn Member Murders Greek Rapper

pavlos fysass

This tragic news comes as no surprise to those who have seen what Golden Dawn is all about. In the past week, they attacked a group from the Communist party and put 9 people in hospital some with serious injuries. Some of their “MPs” also interrupted a ceremony, grappled with a mayor and grabbed the microphone from him to spout their hateful abuse. They will stop at nothing to destroy democracy and to crush their enemies, whoever they might be. You cannot negotiate or discuss anything with Nazis. They will kill you because violence is their response to everything. This incredibly dangerous rise of the Nazis is coming to a head and people are going to be injured and killed. Golden Dawn does not care about Greeks or Greece. It cares about its own agenda and power. If you disagree with Golden Dawn you are an enemy, not someone with a different opinion.

Greece is shaken with the murder of a leftist unionist and rapper by a man with links to the extreme right. Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed right to the heart on a street of Amfiali area of Keratsini suburb of Piraeus on Tuesday night. He was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after arriving. The murder, a 45-year-old man, was captured by the police short after the incident. According to Greek media, the assailant has links to extreme right.

On Wednesday morning, Greek media reported that the assailant has admitted the murder to police and also that he was a member of Golden Dawn.

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Please put the word out about what the citizens of Greece are facing. We need international help not just words of support. The Nazis are building their networks and taking their battle to the the streets with impunity. If we do not do something, more people will die. I can guarantee that.

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